EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 19

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s New Music Friday.

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

Genre: Trance

Panteros666, a Euro enthusiast with a heart for both Flanders, his birthplace, and the Parisian scene, brings his passion for European culture to life through Dance music. Regularly featured on BBC1 and the Planet Rave playlist, Panteros has built a name for himself not only online but also in real life, outside of the machine if you will (this will make sense shortly).

Catchy, vintage-sounding, and fast-paced, Panteros’ latest release just came out today in the form of ‘Cyberlink 2XL‘, an old-school Trance piece of delicate bliss. Soft plucks are put up against a strong beat, then complemented with spacious pads, and a vocal layer guiding you through the track. Break the machine and give this song a listen.

KhoMha – Skyline

Genre: Progressive House, House

Here’s a fun one for you. Do you know KhoMha? I sure do. My first of his tracks was ‘Restart’, a release which got signed by Armada. Turns out the Colombian talent is quite the veteran as of today, having explored a big portion of Trance music. Today, however, we’re happy to welcome his sound in a much calmer state: he’s joined Insomniac’s recently founded Interstellar imprint.

Skyline‘ is a lovely, warm Progressive House single, one that cannot be described in another way than “made for highway rides“. It’s got that feel-good vibe, along with engulfing pianos, vocal textures, and quite the summery beat, all without becoming cheesy. The perfect formula for a change in style.

Jack Ross – Given Up

Genre: Drum & Bass, Future Bass

This track is one of those songs you instantly love. There’s something in them that just hooks you and makes you crave more. Producer Jack Ross delivered this infectious tune he likes to call ‘Given Up‘. Existing somewhere between Drum & Bass and Future Bass, you have the best of both worlds poured with caution into a track as lovely as this one.

Fast-paced arpeggios, heavenly chords, and a powerful beat, all come together by the side of a melancholic, worried vocal line. It’s the perfect fifty-fifty of melody to danceability, making good use of the harmonic elements to weave quite the song. If you’re entering the DnB world and want something rather delicate, this is your ticket.

Zulhou – Won’t Hold Me Back

Genre: Progressive House, Trance

Oliver and Michael are the proud founders of the duo Zulhou. Hailing from Germany, their aim is to make music that is impactful and inspiring, and their sound can be found in between the four horsemen of style: melodic, Tech, dark and Indie. Today’s track, though? I’d say best embodies the first and last of those colours.

Won’t Hold Me Back‘ is a beautiful Progressive House spirited tune, wearing Trance makeup. The raspy main lead, so core to Melodic Techno and similar genres, rocks its melody over a faster four-on-the-floor beat, all while giving a soft male vocal the starring role for a big portion of the arrangement. We truly enjoyed this one!

Daniel Kandi, Arman Bas, Akku & Divisional Phrase – Marco Mi Destino

Genre: Trance

Prepare for liftoff! We have a quadruple collaboration here. Legendary Trance producer Daniel Kandi joins forces with Arman Bas, Akku, and Divisional Phrase for ‘Marco Mi Destino,’ a Euphoric/Tech Trance anthem guaranteed to send you soaring. We’ve got two Danes and two Spaniards in here, so you’d better believe this one is an absolute monster, for all the good reasons.

Pulsating synths, driving basslines, and uplifting melodies all unite in this absolute belter of a track, tailored to the highest-energy moments of any given set. We didn’t know we needed this track over here, but now we’re absolutely electrified with it, and it’s likely that will be your case too. Give in. *wink wink*

Nicholas Gunn & Harshil Kamdar feat. Jordan Grace – Believe

Genre: Uplifting Trance

More Trance coming your way, from equally gigantic artists! This time we welcome back the incredibly touching duo of Nicholas Gunn and Harshil Kamdar. They were the first to release a track on Gunn’s sublabel Blue Dot Trance roughly around this time last year, ‘Here I Am’, and they’ve come together once again for yet another acre of musical Heaven.

Believe‘ is the latest BDT release, counting with the hopeful voice of Jordan Grace to polish an already shining gem. It is a song that can heal, as much as it can make you stand up and dance. That’s the magic of true Trance, I’d say. So happy to have these guys and their latest tune on our NMF!

Yosuf – wasteLAND

Genre: Hardstyle, Frenchcore

Now that we’re all feeling the love and are united… let’s throw a party, am I right? It’s been a while since we last featured a Hard track, and this one really captivated our ears. Get ready to turn up your tempo dials to, ladies and gentlemen, 200 BPM. With the help of Basscon sensation, Yosuf.

wasteLAND‘ is not for the faint of heart, I’m afraid. Absolutely overflowing in energy and lemon faces, this track is built to impact dancefloors far and wide. Expect to see the audience absolutely losing it with the blend of incredible kicks and detuned screeches this tune packs. If you love Sefa’s stuff, don’t hesitate to click the ‘Play’ button below.

Genre: Melodic Techno, Electro House

Back from last week’s NMF is French maestro Extra Terra. A producer who truly knows his craft rocks a harder Melodic Techno track this week, he calls ‘Human Techno Capital Machine‘. The beat has the energy of a deadmau5 track, while the instruments over it are a work of that Techno subgenre that is so popular these days.

And we frankly can’t get enough of this hybrid. It couldn’t have gone better. It reminds us a little of those tracks released ten or twelve years ago, those Electro House bangers. This track is just as fun, but with a much more mature and sober feel to it. Quite the recipe if you ask me. This one is the second track of his fresh album Accelerate or Die, out today.

Final Words

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