EDMTunes New Music Friday – Week 46 (Part One)

Listen to the most flavour-packed tracks we discovered this week.

Music makes the world go round. And in that regard, we’re constantly on the lookout for new, exciting tunes to share with our audience. We’ve found some that cause goosebumps, and make you open your eyes and get up from your chair to dance. So put on your best pair of headphones, or turn up your speakers, and enjoy this week’s New Music Friday.

Here are our top picks for the best music we came across this week, in no particular order.

Banyan & Benji Lewis – Anywhere

Genre: Breakbeat, Downtempo

Michael Saenz and Logan Gomez, also known as Banyan, have been making tunes together for over ten years, producing music that has pleased the ears of artists like ODESZA, Attom, and Christian Löffler, and an audience that, as of today, exceeds 13 million.

Anywhere‘, their collaboration with producer Benji Lewis, was born when he pitched some ideas over to them. A couple of iterations later, we now have this chill, melodic, and message-heavy track in our hands. “For us, it’s a reminder to lean on each other and reach out your hand to those struggling whenever you’re able because you never know how much that may mean“, say Banyan, regarding ‘Anywhere’.

NIMBVS, DEEP SEE, EK.KO & Dani King – Losing Myself (CakeKnife Remix)

Genre: Dubstep, Future Bass

Losing Myself‘ is a song produced by a handful of artists, namely, NIMBVS, DEEP SEE, EK.KO, and Dani King. All masters within their area, the track explores the memories of a broken relationship, and so it holds emotional value far beyond its mere melodic aspect.

Producer CakeKnife took on the task of reimagining the massive conjoint effort ‘Losing Myself’. With a faster tempo and even more energy, heading the song into the Dubstep/Color Bass realm, CakeKnife’s remix features chip-like arpeggios, intense chords, a rough beat, and a really original approach to the blend of genres treated, ending with a result that is sure to drop some jaws to the ground.

Angara – Altitude

Genre: Progressive House, Melodic Techno

Duo Angara sure knows how to bring out the feels in the EDM industry. Loris and Quentin met in the south of France in the late 2000s, and since then, they’ve proven their mastery in a handful of House subgenres. They initially produced really mellow pieces, and since their Rwanda EP in 2021, they’ve seen a shift towards more danceable House, all without leaving the emotions behind.

Altitude‘ is the lead track of their three-tracker released on the prestigious Cercle Records, an EP of the same name. Characterised by melodic arpeggios and a subtle nod to Melodic Techno with hypnotising atmospheres and soothing textures, the track — and its companions — are sure to delight and melt even the coldest of hearts.

Myles O’Neal feat. Hadar Adora – Revival

Genre: Dance Pop, Deep House

DJ and producer Myles O’Neal has made waves since very early on in his career, since he’s Shaquille O’Neal’s son. But that’s far from being his only accomplishment. Recently, he contacted Hadar Adora to collaborate on a track called ‘Revival‘. And what a track it is.

Blending several layers of underground Deep House with a Pop vocal, a walking bassline, and a punchy kick, the final product of ‘Revival’ packs energy, at the very least. It also packs the potential to revive a crowd, musicalise a fashion parade, or whatever you can think of: the track truly works in many environments.

Tiësto & R3HAB – Run Free (Countdown)

Genre: Electro House, Big Room

What happens when two giants collide? Well, this. Both hailing from The Netherlands, Tiësto and R3HAB figured it was a good idea to come together on a catchy EDM piece. They call it ‘Run Free (Countdown)‘, and if you’re one of those who attend festivals quite a bunch, it will sound really familiar to you, as they’ve played this song over fifty times so far!

Driving beats, Big Room scent, and vocals ready to hook an entire acre’s worth of people with their hands up, ‘Run Free (Countdown)’ proved to be among the strongest unreleased anthems of the summer — and aims to be next summer’s too.

Yannick Mueller – Varatan

Genre: Progressive House, Melodic Techno

If there’s something that characterises the essence of Yannick Mueller, is going against the current. From his scholar years, that sense of lack of definition has driven the project forward. He’s now one of the stronger faces of Techno in Switzerland, and has travelled the world showcasing his craft.

Varatan‘ is a song that blends a handful of styles, including, but not limited to, Progressive House, Afro House, Organic House, and Melodic Techno. With a catchy warm bassline and Afterlife-esque synths every now and then, plus the ethnic vocals on top, ‘Varatan’ is sure to entertain, and give a healthy dose of groove with every beat.

The Legend Ramon feat. Ava Wild – Me & You

Genre: Drum and Bass, Electro Pop

Originally from Barbados, The Legend Ramon is now based out of Edmonton, Canada. With music always present in his life — even at university — his eventual bond with the art was bound to happen sooner or later. He now presents a journey of cultures in each and every song of his.

Me & You‘ is a lighthearted Drum and Bass single, with vocals from the talented Ava Wild. Catchy and easy to follow, this track stays in your subconscious for a while, and you’ll find yourself singing the “lalala” parts over and over again.