EDMTunes Shares Their Top 3 Predictions For 2018

EDMTunes Shares Their Top 3 Predictions For 2018 As 2018 begins, it is time for us to make our predictions about the year ahead. accounted for producers entering the pop realm, the popularity aliases and the rise psytrance. There are so many moving pieces in the dance music scene that it is hard to be certain what exactly will happen. But we have three big guesses about what you can expect in 2018.

1. Dominance Boutique Labels/Festivals

As the large festival scene reaches its limit, smaller, more focused labels and festivals are popping up. And their fans are intense. Both Dirtybird Records and Desert Hearts Records are making waves in the American scene. Desert Hearts, led by Mikey Lion, preaches the mantra House. Techno. Love. The Crew hosts a yearly Desert Hearts Festival in the Desert and recently hosted a City Hearts Festival in downtown L.A. Led by Claude VonStroke, Dirtybird focuses on a “tech funk” sound. Their Dirtybird Campout blends a music festival with a summer camp for a unique experience. These labels that focus on feel-good sounds and eclectic events are really catching fire.

2. More DJs as TV/Movie/YouTube Stars

As EDM culture and DJs become more popular, shows like ‘What Would Diplo Do?’ start to appear. With DJs like MarshmelloHardwell, and Skrillex becoming household names, production studios are starting to see pritability. Whether it’s on television, in the movies, or on a YouTube series, don’t be surprised if your favorite DJ is the topic.

3. Tiesto Returns To Trance

Anyone who remembers Tiesto‘s earlier years knows that he can produce incredible trance. On his own or as half  Gouryella with Ferry Corsten, Tiesto was known specifically for his Trance music. As trance continues to rise in popularity around the world, many artists are beginning to produce it again. Arty‘s Alpha 9 alias is a perfect example. Will Tiesto be tempted to return to his roots?

What will really be the big stories 2018? Only time will tell.