EDMTunes Unveils Its Epic Splash House Spotify Preview Playlist: August Weekend One

Blake Daryaie_Drone

Are you ready to dive into the coolest poolside party in Palm Springs? Splash House is back with its 10-Year Anniversary Season, and the lineup is absolutely sizzling! EDMTunes has put together an exclusive Spotify preview playlist to get you pumped for this unforgettable weekend. We’ve curated the best tracks from headliners like CID, J. Worra, Lee Foss, and more, so let’s jump right in!

Unleashing the Groove Masters

Firstly, Weekend One, taking place on August 11-13, is packed with an array of scene favorites and talented artists. GRAMMY-winning producer CID will be there to grace us with his infectious beats, while powerhouse DJ Wax Motif is ready to set the stage on fire. Lee Foss and Deeper Purpose are teaming up to deliver a proper b2b set. This is a b2b that is sure to leave you in awe. Similarly, the talents of UK sensation Sam Divine will be on full display. This is a set that you do not want to miss. The new school prodigy, J. Worra, is set to mesmerize us with her cutting-edge sounds, while Elrow resident Tini Gessler will have us grooving non-stop. With a lineup like this, get ready for a weekend full of energy and excitement!

Explosive Crossovers and Viral Hits

Secondly, If you’re looking for a dynamic blend of styles, Weekend One has you covered. Weekend one features an eclectic mix of crossover artists. The Femme House leader LP Giobbi will bring her signature vibe to the poolside paradise. Meanwhile, viral hit-maker veggi will have us singing along to their chart-topping tunes. Further, the Brazilian superstar Vintage Culture is set to take the stage with his mesmerizing energy and captivating sound. And let’s not forget about Aluna, who will wow us with her mesmerizing vocals and genre-bending tracks. Weekend One is all about embracing diversity and celebrating the best in dance music!

The Underground Heroes

Thirdly, Splash House wouldn’t be complete without its champions of the underground-leaning sound. Weekend One brings us an impressive lineup of talented artists who will keep the dance floor alive with their unique styles. Lo-fi house phenom DJ Seinfeld will have us immersed in dreamy melodies, while Detroit’s pioneering DJ Minx will take us on a journey through the roots of dance music. Franky Rizardo, hailing from the Netherlands, will bring his signature tech-house grooves, and fabric resident Jaden Thompson will showcase his exceptional talent behind the decks. Get ready for an underground experience like no other!

Splash House Spotify Preview Playlist

Lastly, with EDMTunes’ exclusive Spotify preview playlist featuring the stars of weekend one, you can now get a taste of what’s in store for you at Splash House’s 10 Year Anniversary Season. The weekend of August 11-13 will be filled with non-stop beats, incredible talent, and a true celebration of music and community. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience as Splash House continues to redefine the summer festival scene with its ahead-of-its-time music curation and devoted fan community. In conclusion, All remaining passes can be found at splashhouse.com, see you there!