Electro-Acoustic Duo Tryptamine Release ‘Jaguar Priest’ EP

Tryptamine has returned to the release radar with a new 5-track endeavor, Jaguar Priest. The latest EP to come from the duo directly follows the remix pack of their hit ‘Serpent Tomb’, released in December of last year. The pair’s third EP ever, Jaguar Priest is out now and available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

Tryptamine’s new endeavor opens with ‘Balam’, immediately kicking off the EP with various instrumentation alongside a mellow, downtempo beat. The shimmering, electronic production flair is flawlessly complemented by the celestial track’s otherworldly ambiance, in turn crafting a soothing masterpiece that’s replete with raw emotion and an infectious energy. ‘Stelae’ is up next, and prominently boasts the guitar throughout. The hushed vocal enters the space, serving as a prime accompaniment to the soft sonic sensibilities sprinkled throughout. The rhythm entrances with each passing second, ultimately lulling the listener into a contemplative daze. Taking the reins, ‘Skybands’ features a cinematic opening that sets the tone for the rest of the original production to follow. Intoxicatingly cacophonous throughout, seemingly unlike sound effects are paired together to form a harmonious, unexpected blend of noise that leaves a desire for even more audible Tryptamine magic. ‘Cloud Omen’, the EP’s penultimate tune, begins with a distinct radio static sound and eventually flows into a chilled, steady beat. Consistently uplifting, the sprightly track features trip hop inspiration alongside propelling electronic elements. Lastly, ‘Fortuner’ rounds out the 5-track release with various high and low-pitched voices. The sublime effect its frequencies have on the listener produces a wholly calming sense of wonder, leaving one left to ponder their mind aimlessly.

Stream the Jaguar Priest EP on your favorite platform here, or find it below on Spotify.