Elevating the Big Room Game with “High Up In The Air”

Elevating the Big Room Game with "High Up In The Air"

75%Overall Score

• A fearless exploration of new sounds
• High-Pitched Note as the protagonist
• Angelic Vocal Loop in the breakdown

What instantly grabbed my attention with “High Up In The Air” is its boldness in experimenting with a fresh sound, constructing an entire drop section around it, and layering a mysterious breakdown on top. It’s Big Room, but the experimental kind, with intriguing elements of Dirty Electro House interspersed throughout the track.

Our protagonists are Madox records (with a history that extends beyond music – their designer even crafted our logo, a fun little tidbit), the mysterious producer MAZRO (Sony Music) and Florian Cassiede, known for his focus on powerful Future Rave tracks, released on labels like Pyro Records and Seal Network. These two talents have previously joined forces on “Back Then,” but it’s “High Up In The Air” that finally compelled me to set aside some time for a proper write-up.

The track adheres to the classic Big Room blueprint with a brief intro, but it’s in the drop that the real daring begins. It dares a lot. A high-pitched note takes the spotlight, emitting an almost squeaky sound, while a roaring bassline ushers in a tribal-esque section infused with Techno influences, ultimately evolving into Big Room territory with its energetic leads. This unexpected twist caught me by surprise. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, an angelic vocal loop enters during the breakdown, adding another layer of excitement. I thoroughly enjoyed this segment as well.

The climax of the track returns to the high-pitched note but revs up the energy with an even more potent bassline. It’s precisely the kind of crescendo I was hoping for, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

In conclusion, “High Up In The Air” is a testament to the power of musical experimentation and collaboration. MAZRO and Florian Cassiede have not only defied the boundaries of Big Room but have also crafted a dynamic and thrilling dancefloor anthem. Get ready for an electrifying ride with this one.

You can listen to “High Up In The Air” here: