ELEX x Blvkstn – Drop It Like It’s Hot

ELEX x Blvkstn - Drop It Like It's Hot

66%Overall Score

• Familiar lyrics quickly played in the first and central segments
• Not that innovative
• Gangsta motives featured in the Trap drop

Two genre veterans are featured on this one today, with an interesting rework of Snoop Dogg and Pharrells’ “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in an underground Trap salsa! The vocalist Blvkstn has a ton of hits under his belt, from “Waiting“(NCS, ft. Unknown Brain) to “Living Hell” by Skan in Tribal Trap, with a bunch of releases in many up-and-coming labels in that scene. ELEX is a less familiar moniker to me, although he has kept a solid record with releases on NCS, Tribal Trap, Elysian Records, Magic Records, and so on. Millions of streams, lots of activity, and high expectations from my side after a previous rap rework together with great outcomes, “Goosebumps“.

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This Tribal Trap upload features the familiar lyrics, even if Blvkstn doesn’t sound close to Snoop Dogg resulting in a funny tone. Then a dynamic trap drop kicks in with precision, giving me an old-school lead and gangsta theme, showcasing a relatively simple yet hooking melody. “Drop It Like It’s Hot” then continues with the breakdown, where I further enjoyed the vocals despite its brief feature, getting quickly overshadowed by a final drop.

In its entirety, the song contains excitement but doesn’t specifically stand out in terms of uniqueness. Personally liking the catchy motive, so I picked it up although this is best when played in context; otherwise, it quickly becomes forgettable.

“Drop It Like It’s Hot” would best fit on your car stereo due to its heavy bassline, recognizable vocal loop, and straightforward schematics that can be blasted at full volume toward innocent bystanders. Will they appreciate that? Maybe, but just for safety, I recommend having fun to this catchy record at an appreciable volume!

You can listen to “Drop It Like It’s Hot” here:

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