Eli Brown Ascends Further Into Techno With New EP, ‘Trick Daddy / I Got Money’

Out now via his own imprint, Arcane, is Eli Brown’s latest EP, Trick Daddy / I Got Money. The two-track collection represents the next era of Eli Brown’s musical journey, elevating his signature techno sound with a fresh and innovative approach that signals a creative, yet technically masterful divergence from his previous discography.

The lead single, ‘Trick Daddy‘ unfolds quickly to reveal a deeply immersive, enthralling sonic landscape uniquely in a category of its own. Balancing Middle Eastern sonics with high-energy techno frequencies, the track builds steadily before plunging listeners into the syncopated epicenter of the underground and contemporary sound.

The EP’s second track, ‘I Got Money,‘ delivers a pulsating baseline adeptly paired with commanding vocal cuts to round out this EP in a high-octane way. This track stands as a four-on-the-floor techno anthem, fueled by an undeniaby powerful energy, destined to invigorate and captivate audiences across dance floors around the world. With his latest offering, Eli Brown’s mastery in fusing robust techno rhythms with innovative melodic structures crafts an auditory experience that deeply resonates within the techno community.

Eli Brown shared the following sentiments on the new EP: “I wanted to release ‘Trick Daddy’ to surprise people… it’s a different sound to my recent output and I hope the euphoric nature of the track connects withe everyone. ‘I Got Money’ is a more straight up club record that balances out the EP with a more intense, dark and driving approach.”

“This EP reflects my desire to push the boundaries of techno….and I hope you all enjoy.’

-Eli Brown