Emma McGann – Teary Eyed

Teaming up with music legend Mike Shinoda (of Linkin Park, Fort Minor) Emma McGann has released a new Pop infused single called “Teary Eyed” that is one of the UK singer/songwriter's strongest releases to date. Written one evening with a guitar in hand to help overcome an intense panic attack, Emma submitted it to Mike Shinoda who produced the track live on his Twitch livestream early in 2021 via his Shinoda Produce Me initiative. Out now through X My Heart Records, “Teary Eyed” is a spacious, relatable pop single that uses jiving rhythms and poetic electric guitar melodies. Tune in below now and check out a quote from McGann on the release above that!

Teary Eyed is about being blinded by our problems and anxieties and not reaching out when you know deep down you should. When you’re overwhelmed that way it’s hard to work your way through the chaos to understand why you’re feeling the way you are. And this song is about exactly that – wading through it all and realizing that you might need to talk it out to a friend instead of holding it inside. I’ve battled those waves and it’s a pretty dark, isolated way to live. So this song is a reminder to myself and others to be conscious of where your heads at and to remember that reaching out IS the way out.” – Emma McGann