ËMMË drops endorphin rush of a tune with ‘Pass Me By’

Photo Via: Who Said

Earlier this year we premiered the festival-worthy sounds of Good Love, a beautiful piece of aural bliss from local Sydney-based producer ËMMË, which our writer calledthe definition of lush.”

To say that ËMMË has been on a tear would be quite the understatement. News recently surfaced that the producer reached over a million Spotify plays across only two tracks. (Good Love being one, and Bad Mind being the other) On top of that, ‘Good Love’ also made the recent Top 15 as one of the most played tracks on Australian radio. Yeah, it’s probably about time you get around him.

The man known to his parents as Emlyn Dodd has just released another beaut, this time it’s an endorphin rush called Pass Me By. It’s the sort of track you can play while proposing to your partner, the sort of track that you reach for whilst whizzing down the Great Ocean Road with your convertible’s roof down thinking: “Shit yeah, life’s good.” It’s trappy, it’s breaks-y, it’s got a sweet vocal, and above all, it’s just a good listen.

The track was also released on tastemaker label Elysian Records which is a pretty big deal. They’ve made it available for free download because they reckon everyone needs a copy.  Get around it below and tell us what you think!