Escape into the sensory sanctuary that’s Solstis’ ‘As The Sun Hits (Vol. 1)’ [Stream]

With just a little indie digital inflection and a flush of plush textures, Solstis weave a cohesive downtempo dreamscape, As The Sun Hits (Vol. 1). The inaugural quantity of what is going to develop right into a three-part sequence seamlessly stretches its natural instrumentation throughout 4 tracks: “Lost,” “About You,” “Miss You,” and “Horizon.”

The sonic sentience that permeates As The Sun Hits (Vol. 1) is first audible on the opening quantity, “Lost.” Rushing melodies entangle with ethereal male vocals and the metallic of guitar strings; this coupling results an atmospheric type of bliss.

Duly essentially the most vocal-centric of the 4 constituting cuts and the monitor on which the indie affect is most prominently expressed, “About You” represents one other a part of Solstis’ constructive capability. Gossamer collections of chords twinkle to strike tonal distinction with the grain of guitar riffs on “Miss You” and “Horizon.”

The cerebral craftsmanship of As The Sun Hits (Vol. 1), its emotive character, and the fluidity with which it unfurls: these are all components that underscore Solstis as a multi-instrumental manufacturing duo deserving of a musical bookmark. Solstis are notable for his or her triumph in Electric Forest’s 2015 Discovery Project, an initiative that cultivates untapped digital expertise.

Photo credit score: Solstis/Facebook