[EVENT REVIEW] Colorize Sells Out Intimate Show In Toronto

EDMTunes joined the North American Colorize label tour of PRAANA, Estiva & Klur in Toronto for a sold-out intimate show. The lads played an incredible show at the Drake Underground last weekend. Perks of an intimate show, a great crowd that knows all the tunes & lyrics.

Live Show – Klur, Estiva, PRAANA

The night started off with Melodic House producer Klur on the decks. The crowd arrived early and were ready with their dancing shoes as he came on at 7pm. The Swedish producer played an hour-long set with a number of hits from his album Visions. ‘Entangled’ and ‘Between’ were definitely the crowd-pleasers. The wholesome set from Klur was the perfect set up for Estiva to take on the decks. Colorize fans are no strangers to Estiva, who has been around the block since the late 2000s. Steven took us on a journey with his hypnotizing tunes where you could let your imagination go down a euphoric path. His also hour-long set had the crowd dancing to ‘Around You’, ‘Via Infinita‘,’Undercover Romance’, and several Metamorphoses tracks along with his unreleased edit of ‘OnlyL’ to name a few. I know I could not stop dancing to this intimate and dark set.

Both Klur and Estiva had the crowd on an emotional trip and in tears as PRAANA set up their live set. This is the first live tour the Tritonal boys undertake as their deep melodic moniker. Chad and Dave produced music under PRAANA for about three years without revealing their identity. Their current tour is in line with their debut album release Supernal Dawn. PRAANA transformed Drake Underground into a peaceful and exciting voyage as they kick started the night with ‘Sanctuary’. Their mix of Deep Melodic and Melodic House sent shivers down my spine. Listening to ‘Quiver’, ‘Sankalpa’, ‘Nobody Else’, ‘Somatic State’ and ‘Mojave’ live ignited the dance floor. Their mesmerizing set included their live mixing with their Live Push 3’s and Xone Kontrol MK2s. All attendees of this intimate night danced every single moment of the night. Let’s dive into something special below with Praana!

EDMTunes Chats with PRAANA

EDMTunes had a chat with the PRAANA boys to get to know them a little better and dive into their musical journey under the alternative alias. Most of you would know them as Tritonal for the last 15 odd years.

EDMTunes –  I remember hearing Mojave and then Samasta/Quiver back in Lane 8’s 2020 -TNH – was a pleasure to eventually find out it was the two of you behind the PRAANA project. Tritonal was such a huge success with your Progressive House, Trance and Electro House sounds. The jump to PRAANA with more of a Deep Melodic sound, how was that transition for the two of you?

Chad – Well, it did actually take a few productions and reworks for us to “find our sound” to be honest. That being said, deeper more melodic music as well as ambient, chillout and meditation music is and has been a real love of ours for some time. We released Reverence in 2020 under the Tritonal moniker and that was a pure meditation LP. So we’re not strangers to working with new cadences, tempos and meterings.   PRAANA was ideated as a project which could focus entirely on centering, grounding, healing music. It’s still very much a Dance music project with some good energy, but the chord intervals, the melodies, and the overall vibe are spacious.  It’s music that’s great just to listen to all the time, not just at Live events. 

Furthermore, the name PRAANA was chosen with intentionality. I have a lot of zeal and excitement for Meditation and the healing that it offers. As well as a real love for the Yoga Sutras, the Upanishads and ancient eastern mysticism. Having a project which can be used to highlight the expansion of consciousness, spiritual disciplines, wellness and overall happiness feels amazing.   

EDMTunes –  Love your Tritonia Tritonal weekly podcasts! Juggling two separate identities, how do you balance your releases with both your Aliases? Any new music in the works this year that you can share with us? 

Chad – Haha! Its a lot! Thanks for the love. We simply do the best we can, and we tend to write quite a bountiful amount of music to be honest. Yes we’ve started a few new Tritonal ideas and have some in the pipeline for PRAANA too!

Chad – Meditation was introduced in the rooms of AA / NA as I was getting sober back in 2006 from a pretty brutal drug addiction.   The first 10 years of sobriety, meditation was simply something where I put on a timer for 10 mins, closed my eyes, and held on like hell for the timer to ding! Ha! It was a little slice of hell for me, because my thoughts were so incessant and chaotic. I realized that the reservoir of my mind was extremely turbulent. I had a very hard time concentrating on any one thing. Over the years I continued to stay sober from alcohol and hard narcotics. I had the good fortune of reading some amazing books. Authors like Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, David Hawkins, Neil Donald Walsh and yogis such as Paramahansa Yogananda, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and many more! 

These guys talked about supernatural experiences in deep states of meditation and I wanted to know “is this absolute bullshit or is this real?” Lets just say that once I learned how to meditate deeply, my entire life was changed. For the first time in this incarnational existence, I was able to experience Pure Consciousness as being transcendent and beyond my finite thinking mind.   This one subtle change began a renaissance of my entire life.   I am now a devotee of Guruji, Paramahansa Yogananda and a practitioner of Kriya Yoga Pranayama.  Jai Gurudeva!

EDMTunes – This tour has been your debut with the PRAANA Live concept. What has been the most challenging and most rewarding part of this tour? 

Chad – It’s absolutely been the LIVE aspect! Lol! We’ve had to load in, build the stage, get all of our gear synced, rehearse and play our parts, learn new gear, and break down every single show. Its been stressful!! Ha! Having some live elements in the set is super rad!!

EDMTunes –  If you opened your Spotify right now what would be the last track you had been listening to? What music genres inspire you two?

Chad – I primarily listen to Solfeggio Frequencies that focus on ambient drones, atmospheres, crystal bowls and sine waves that have healing overtones.  In terms of listening to western music there’s not a lot of that going on for me right now.  I’m more interested in exploring how sound can be used as a modality for healing trauma and grief than i am in simply writing more “cool tunes”.  We can do both tho!!

Hope you enjoyed this read! Check out the Colorize Spotify Playlists and hope you can catch these amazing artists in your cities. Stay tuned to EDMTunes for more fun chats with your favourite DJs in the EDM world.

*Photo Credit – Estiva Facebook