[Event Review] ILLENIUM Throws Down At Official HITC Afterparty At Terminal 5 NYC

After performing the first ever ILLENIUM B2B Dabin set at 88Rising’s Head In The Clouds Festival NY, the Denver producer went on to perform at the official afterparty taking place at Terminal 5 this past weekend. This wasn’t the first time that ILLENIUM has performed at T5 and this one was another one for the books.

Starting up the night was the NYC based group Sadbois, warming up the venue with a good mix of melodic dubstep and heartfelt beats. Then when the clock hit 12am, LA based producer Elephante took the decks. At this point in the night, Terminal 5 was pretty packed with a steady flow of people arriving to the venue from the festival. Elephante propelled the night forward with his dynamic transitions and upbeat drops. He played out crowd favorites such as ‘Dynasty‘, ‘Catching On‘, and ‘Glass Mansion‘. What’s unique about his sets is that he is not afraid to take the mic, as he got the whole venue singing along to his vibeful tracks. One highlight of his performance was when he played his latest track ‘Say It Like You Mean it‘ with Sabai, which saw an immediate response with many in the crowd singing along to it.

At 1am, ILLENIUM took centerstage and the venue was completely packed with it being a sold out show. The excitement was in the air as many in the crowd were brandishing their ILLENIUM jerseys. Everybody was ready at this point of the night and ILLENIUM took no time to start his set with his heavy hitters. The energy was at an all time high with Illenials headbanging to each and every track. After seeing ILLENIUM more than a dozen times, his performances always have a perfect mix between the heavier bangers and heartfelt melodies. His tracks always have a way to connect with the crowds, with everyone singing along to each soulful vocal. ‘Good Things Fall Apart‘, ‘Takeaway‘, and ‘All That Really Matters‘ were just some of the tracks that he dished out in his arsenal. A personal highlight of the night is his most recent collaboration with Seven Lions, ‘Not Even Love‘ which already has over 4 million streams since its release in March. After the night was over, it’s safe to say everyone in attendance left in a high mood.

For those who didn’t have enough ILLENIUM over the past weekend, they can catch him playing Friday at EDC Las Vegas.