[EVENT REVIEW] Skyline 2024 Set Downtown Los Angeles Ablaze Once Again

In a fun-packed weekend, the third edition of Skyline Music Festival did not disappoint. The Insomniac House and Techno Festival involved some of the best underground artists, including amazing heavy-hitting Techno producers from Europe. With the addition of the Arts district in between the West and East stages, the event shined a light on the local talent that controls the Los Angeles warehouse scene. The event took place February 24-25 and included the producing efforts of Daytrip and Factory 93. Grand Park became this year’s hosting venue, allowing for extra space for mischievous shenanigans.

A New Skyline

Attendees took over Gloria Molina Grand Park in Downtown LA. The four-block venue received the iconic East and West Side stages that have become vital elements of the event. Moreover, the Art districts served as a place of discovery for beautiful sights, beautiful people, and gorgeous music. This year, there were more art installations, food options, and more bathroom stalls.

The production took a more rudimental approach this year, as the visuals were reduced and the vibes were increased. Each stage was packed with lights and pyros, seasoning each drop with thunderous heat. Best stage design award goes to East Stage, with huge panels that had amazing lighting patterns and kept the crowd going.


Day 1 had the best House-filled lineup. Some of the highlight sets of the weekend were Pawsa b2b Marco Carola, CamelPhat, Chris Lake, and LP Giobbi. Closing the festival we had Carl Cox with a playful and energetic hybrid set on the West Side.

Filthy, Delicious, Techno

Rowdy, dark, intense. That’s the only way I can explain how good the Techno lineup was in this year’s Skyline. From dark and twisted, to hard Techno. From melodic and hypnotic, to Acid and Schranz. The weekend showcased incredible acts. On Sunday, we got to experience Adiel‘s masterful vinyl mixing, which led to one of the hardest sets, by yours truly Nico Moreno. Honestly, that was a pretty crazy sunset. Indira Paganotto and Deborah De Luca followed up with great Psytechno. Lastly, we had Klangkuenstler with his crazy emblematic high BPM Schranz. I have to say the energy during the Techno takeover on Sunday was all we wanted for PLUR. The love for the music was there.

Final Thoughts

Although it is one of Insomniac’s smallest productions, Skyline packs a punch. The lineup did not disappoint, from more mainstream names to up-and-coming stars. There was definitely some thought into the layout of the venue as well as choosing cohesiveness for the day-to-day lineup. We hope Skyline continues to grow and hear from the feedback goers bring out each year to make it even better!