[Event Review] Wax Motif Brings House of Wax to Biggest Headlining NYC Show to Date

This past weekend, Australian DJ Wax Motif played his biggest headlining show in New York to date at the Knockdown Center. It has only been a meteoric rise for the talented house pioneer ever since the release of his 2022 debut album House Of Wax, which has amassed an impressive 33 million streams. The album showcased Wax Motif’s remarkable ability to traverse various house genres with ease, ranging from R&B to disco to UK Bass. His live performances are a sought-after experience worldwide, and it was finally here in NY for all in attendance to witness. Having performed at some of the biggest festivals in 2022 such as Electric Forest, Hard Summer, Electric Zoo, Illfest, ARC Music Festival, and CRSSD Festival– 2023 is only shaping up to be an even more prosperous year.

Wax Motif brought on a talented support lineup featuring the acclaimed house producer Dateless, Miami & NYC-based Nuran, and breaks & garage DJ Viviana Casanova. All of the artists put on quite the show to build up the energy and anticipation for his entrance to the decks at 1am and, Vivivana keeping the energy going as the closer.

As the Australian DJ took center stage, the crowd cheered on in excitement and for the electrifying energy that they would experience over the following 2 hours. From start to finish, Wax was dropping immense heat as usual with a mixture of tracks across all house genres. His skill on the deck is for sure notable as he smoothly transitioned from track to track, bringing in his own DJ flair on when to lower the bass or amplify it. He played all of his crowd favorites which got the crowd jumping and dancing with ‘On The Low‘, ‘WET‘, ‘See in Color‘ just to name a few. He also dropped Fred Again..’s ‘Jungle‘ but made it house. What’s incredible about Wax’s discography is that you know from the start that each track is individualistically him and will stand the test of time with the flair each one gives off, especially from releases from House of Wax. Hearing ‘Lo Que Soy‘ and his latest banger with MalaaOtherside‘ were my personal highlights of the night. In terms of the venue, the spacious Knockdown Center added to the ambiance to the night with its dark and grungy warehouse vibes. CO2 cannons were also shooting off through the night which enhanced his exhilarating drops.

Wax Motif’s House of Wax tour is still ongoing, check out which city he is playing at near you down below!