Evolve With Joris Voorn & AVIRA’s New ‘The Orange Theme’

Courtesy of Spectrum label boss Joris Voorn and AVIRA comes a cover of Cygnus X’s classic ‘The Orange Theme’. Building on the ‘90s Trance sound with evolving synth melodies and a compelling bassline, this debut linkup is sure to resonate with fans old and new! Very interesting choice indeed! To slow down an upbeat trance classic and remaster it into a delicious Melodic House groove. Let’s deconstruct this Armada’s track shall we?

Refreshing ‘The Orange Theme’

The real ones will recognize ‘The Orange Theme’ as a staple of tech trance. With a very upbeat bassline and fun acid elements, the track is as uplifting as it is a dancefloor fire-starter. Now grab the melodic mastery of Canada’s Avira and the dexterity of Techno aficionado Joris Voorn to twist the track into an orange delight. In effect, the track is now a dreamy simulation of what it once was. The powerful synths took over and instead of a filthy acid we have deep echoes and stutters. Even though the track is significantly slower, the drop is just as impactful and dirty. The combination of Joris and AVIRA’s styles results in an incredible showcase of production. We hope that this duo continues to work together and craft more spiritually awakening tracks, such as this one.

More of Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn, a Dutch DJ and producer, has become a prominent figure in the global electronic music landscape. Hailing from the Netherlands, a country with a surprisingly vast influence on the genre, Voorn embodies the spirit of Amsterdam’s underground techno scene, a melting pot of musical styles. Voorn’s artistic background extends beyond music. He’s a modern-day touring DJ with a deep appreciation for contemporary art, photography, and architecture, evident in his social media presence and album covers.

His musical journey began in Tilburg, Netherlands, where he was born to musically inclined parents. His breakout came with the ‘Muted Trax EP’ on Keynote, followed by the critically acclaimed'”Lost Memories EP’ on Sino. Tracks like ‘Incident’ from the 2004 ‘Lost Memories Part 2’ became staples in the sets of renowned DJs like Carl Cox, Derrick May, and Laurent Garnier. Voorn’s success extends beyond singles. He has released three well-received artist albums: ‘Future History’ (2004), ‘From A Deep Place’ (2007), and ‘Nobody Knows’ (2014), which Billboard Magazine voted the electronic album of the year. Additionally, his mix compilations for labels like Fuse, Balance, and Fabric have garnered praise.

Ibiza has been a mainstay in Voorn’s touring schedule. From early gigs to recent residencies at ANTS and Elrow, he has carved a space for himself on the island. Beyond Ibiza, Voorn is a regular at prominent clubs and festivals worldwide, performing across Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia.In addition, you can’t forget his heavy involvement with Drumcode. Joris Voorn’s dedication to his craft and influence on the global electronic music scene is undeniable. He continues to push boundaries, both geographically and musically, leaving a lasting impact on the industry. (source)

More of AVIRA

AVIRA is the newest project of Canadian Producer Assaf. Although it only started in early 2020. He has received major support from Armada Music and Trance entity Armin Van Buuren. With his dark synths and unique take on Melodic Techno, AVIRA has graced the progressive/melodic scene. Now with collaborations with Odd One Out’s YOTTO, and Joris Voorn, we can’t wait for more and more of him.

Are you feeling the citrus? Have a tall glass of ‘The Orange Theme’.