Exclusive And Candid Insights From Kara Major, The Artist Behind “Everything Works Out”

Kara Major expresses her heartfelt appreciation for the tremendous success of her single, “Everything Works Out.” Driven by the rewarding experience of seeing her song climb the charts and capture the hearts of listeners everywhere, she is determined to release more music and actively engage with her audience on a deeper level.

In our interview, the fast-rising musician shares insights into her creative evolution, combining her rap persona with EDM elements in her upcoming singles "Glow" and "NarciSecond." Kara confirms working on an EP and promises the release of accompanying music videos. 

She also emphasizes the role of intuition in her songwriting process, where inspiration sparks ideas that manifest into music. Kara's commitment to personal actualization, evident in her achievements, influences her artistic journey and reinforces her belief in the limitless potential of the human mind.

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Congratulations on the recent success of your single “Everything Works Out”! How does it feel to see your song charting and gaining popularity?

It feels absolutely amazing! Surreal actually. It’s the goal of any artist to chart and when it finally happens it kind of catches you off guard in the best way

Experiencing the widespread acclaim and recognition your new release is receiving must be an awe-inspiring sensation. How do you plan to capitalize on this momentum and continue to engage your audience?

Awe-inspiring indeed. The press has been wonderful and the writers have all been super sweet. I plan to capitalize on this momentum by continuing to release more great music!

You have two highly anticipated singles on the horizon: "Glow" and the follow-up to "Narcissist," titled "NarciSecond"! According to your statement, these tracks showcase a newfound freedom and a stronger incorporation of your rap persona. Could you provide more details about this creative evolution?

Well, my evolution is still evolving I guess. Rapping has actually always been a part of me, it’s the EDM side of me that’s newer, but also something I feel at home with. Now I’ve just mixed the two together and am really happy with what that sounds like!

Are you currently working on any projects such as an album or an EP? Can we expect the release of additional music videos in the upcoming months to accompany your new singles?

Yes and yes! I’ll be releasing a short EP and videos to match. The team and I have our work cut out for us and I couldn’t be more excited about it all!

"Everything Works Out" aligns with the manifestation philosophy of Abraham Hicks. Could you elaborate on your personal experience with this concept and the transformative impact it has had on both your life and career?

The law of attraction is just that…a universal LAW. I have utilized her techniques and applied these laws to my life for over a decade and they’ve never disappointed me. From achieving Senior Vice President status at my firm at an early age, to charting on iTunes, when you focus and believe in yourself the universe responds!

You rely a lot on intuition. Can you walk us through your process starting from that initial spark of inspiration and unraveling the steps that lead to the final production of one of your songs?

I’m constantly seeking new information and inspiration from many different sources. Once something strikes me as being a useful concept or technique to utilize in this game of life, it almost always sounds like a song in my head. It’s quite magical actually, once my soul is sparked, music plays!

Becoming a Senior Vice President at just 24 and winning the Women's national boxing championship, speak volumes about your commitment to personal actualization. How has this mindset influenced your career, and how do you incorporate it into your artistic journey?

Great question! I just am convinced that like Napoleon Hill says, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” I believe all of us can do absolutely anything we set our mind to and the laws of the universe state the same. It’s a blueprint to success that I plan to continue using forever in every aspect of my life.

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