Experience Downtempo House Courtesy Desert Dwellers

It has been over a decade since the global electronica scene sampled its first Desert Dwellers remix. Impressively, these early re-visions of their genre-melding music were synthesized from old-world acoustics infused with the beat of the underground. Moreover, this would serve as a foundation for the duo’s evolving relationship with the art of alchemical remixing. This was exemplified by over 100 remixes of their style-defining tracks since the project’s inception in the late 1990s. 

“Breathe Re-imagined Vol. 2” carries on with this evolving tradition. Desert Dwellers hand the building blocks of their 2019 album, “Breathe” to eleven musical adepts. These artists span the realms of downtempo house and electronica, for a scintillating new installment of their global musical tale. Spiced with ambrosial flavors of world beat and folkloric house, “Breathe Re-imagined Vol. 2” is a deeper level of “Breathe.” Consequently, it brings a more dreamy and hypnotic edge to Breath’s ethereal nuances.

Marked by inclusions from a worldwide array of producers, “Breathe Re-imagined Vol. 2” features Coss & Iorie, Luca Bacchetti, Unders, Rapossa, Nhil, Derun, Alvaro Suarez, Roderic, The Invisible People, Bosa, and Forever & Ever. Accordingly, the album is a bridge between the old world and the new, while serving as a testament to the dynamic nature of all creations. All this, while it traverses the landscape of time, influence, and collaboration.