Experience the summer again with the carefree vibes of “u&i”, courtesy of Aiobahn and Tollef

• Classic EDM combining indie elements and guitar riffs
• Optimistic and high-spirited atmosphere
• A radiant vocal performance by ruben.

What happens when you combine Tollef’s funky guitar artistry and Nu Disco production skills with the eclectic Future House influences of Aiobahn? The answer is obvious: this joyful creation!

Released on Don Diablo’s HEXAGON, “u&i” is a relaxed and light-hearted indie house track featuring ruben.’s blissful vocal performance.

The track starts off right off the bat with a euphonious backing melody section, paired up with ruben.’s vocals. The buildup gets into the picture quite fast, using a classic Progressive/Commercial House-esque riser technique to lead the way to the drop.

The drops aren’t a grand sort of beat drop more commonly found in Big Room/Commercial House productions, and neither are they deeper and minimalistic akin to Deep House; instead, the drops are composed entirely out of a guitar riff and plucks, that create a very laid-back and easy-going melody and atmosphere, which is the main appeal and essence of this track.

During the drops, the guitar melody first plays in short intermittent chord sequences, and on the later sections of the drops,, more individual plucking melodies can be heard, creating a very funky and upbeat sonic structure for the record. It’s a simple drop, and it’s an effective one. The feel-good vibes are instantaneous; who isn’t in a better mood after hearing those drops, accompanied by ruben.’s uplifting and hopeful lyricism?

The midsection is interesting as well, as being unusual for a house track, it switches into a half-time beat pattern. The half-time drums accompanied by the sole voice of ruben. really hits those emotional beats within the record.

The main feeling this track succeeds in portraying exceptionally well is happiness and positivity, and it does that particularly with the drop; a classic house drop with a groovy summery twist, only possible by the aforementioned guitar presentation by Tollef. Additionally, the optimism and hopefulness of the lyrics elevate the already jovial track to another level, as seen below:

“You keep me going for another day, you keep me going far away”.

Overall, “u&i” is another house hit from HEXAGON. Despite not being Tropical House, u&i manages to portray a sense of nostalgia to that specific era of EDM, as well as the past in general. The record is a cheerful and bright fresh breath of air not often found these days anymore. A big thanks to Tollef, Aiobahn, and ruben. for bringing back good vibes!

You can listen to “u&i” here: