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Lorna James returns with her newest production, ‘Ce Soir’. A driving Tech House track, this latest release from Lorna James shows her to be keeping her creative momentum high, striking out with another unique production following the release of her debut album ‘Stratosphere’ earlier this year. Having been working to incorporate her wide range of influences into her approach towards Electronic Music, coming from a background in Classical composition, Lorna James now puts forward this compelling production, designing a full-bodied soundscape inspiring in energy and innovative in its arrangement.  

Despite having built a connection to music early on in her life, passionate from her first introduction, Lorna James remains early on in her musical journey, only taking to releasing music during 2022. Yet, the path she has carved so far has no doubt been taking her to exciting ground, having had music that reached the finals of the UK Songwriting Contest in 2023. As she keeps building her discography, working to create tracks that bring together her inspirations of Acid House, Progressive House, and Deep House, Lorna James seems unstoppable in her creative drive, continuing to offer tracks that weave together haunting sounds, interweaving melodies, and soaring strings, developing a signature sound that appears distinctly her own.  

With this new track, Lorna James takes a fresh musical direction, combining her Classical piano background with a dynamic House sound. As the production opens with an inspiring melodic piano line, shuffled beats, and ethereal vocals, the track soon takes on a new, darker energy as gritty basslines, energetic details, up-tempo rhythms, and intensifying layers of sound join the mix. A journey through a diverse array of sonic elements, ‘Ce Soir’ showcases the varied and multi-faceted nuances of Lorna James’ style, uniting her creation of mesmerising piano compositions with her ability to curate powerful Dance energy.  

So, discover the innovation of Lorna James’ sonic world by diving into the soundscape of ‘Ce Soir’: a unique listening experience, this latest release from the talented Composer and Producer appears as a bold example of her promising potential.  

A talent to keep watching, make sure to keep up to date with Lorna James by following her across social media today. ‘Ce Soir’ is out now and available to stream and download across platforms.   

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