Feed Me returns to Monstercat with dubstep number ‘Coffee Black’

Legendary electro house producer Feed Me has made his triumphant return to Canadian label Monstercat with his second release of the year. Fresh off the success of his Monstercat debut, electro house track “Money, Destiny,” Feed Me just released his newest take on dubstep titled “Coffee Black.”

“Coffee Black” opens with a bright, melodic pluck before increasing the energy with scattered high-pitched vocals and vibrant synth stabs. Following the climax of the buildup, listeners are instantly reminded of why Feed Me has remained such an iconic musician in the electronic music scene. Aggressive bass growls mesh with tantalizing arpeggios and bright vocal chops, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of early 2010s brostep.

With two Monstercat releases now under his belt, it’s very possible that a full Feed Me EP is soon on the way.

Photo credit: Rukes