Fehrplay Heightens the Mood With the ‘Can’t fight it EP’

Fehrplay, whose real name is Jonas von der Fehr, is a rising Norwegian progressive house DJ/producer. The artist, who currently is based in London, also blends his innovative style of progressive house with diverse genres such as techno, disco, and house. According to his bio on Insomniac‘s website, Fehrplay first began his steps as a rising DJ/producer when he was a student in Manchester as he reveled in the wonderful dance music hotspots of the northern English city. Fast-forward to the present day, Fehrplay continues to enthrall fans with his latest release, the Can’t fight it EP.

*Featured Cover Photo Credit: Jaeger Oslo

Fehrplay’s Can’t fight it EP provides emotions of intensity and transcendence

Fehrplay starts off the EP with the main track itself, ‘Can’t fight it’. The track has breakbeats that perfectly align with cool vocals. These vocals then transitioned to synths that later lead to a crescendo of rhythms. The second and final track of the Can’t fight it EP is ‘Fragments’ and the progression of the melodies can provide the perfect uplift for each listener’s day.

‘Fragments’ is the energetic drive that allows the listeners to continue dancing to the beat. The track is also great to listen while one is winding down from a hectic day in their lives. Listen to the EP via Spotify by clicking ‘Play.