FERGO – Leave Behind

• Delicate composition
• Sweet but robotic vocals
• Progressive House with Chill influences

Upon deciding to take a peek into the millions of sub-labels that Hexagon has conceived (yes, yes I said it ironically but we all know there are tons) I stumbled upon a Spanish artist deserving of a mention here. Again, it delights me to support my compatriots, especially when their latest release is exquisite, as goes the case with FERGO.

Leave Behind” is a heartfelt narration, having being inspired from Porter Robinson in the guitar solo at the beginning. It is EXTREMELY minimalistic, having a serene and unique structure base that adds Tech elements to a delicate bassline. Sounds just about right!

As I said before, “Leave Behind” goes for the charming vibe, perhaps a bit too much yet the drop does a great work in harmonizing (I must admit, this is perfect for your study playlist), as the vocals breathes life to this already splendid instrumental. This style is fitting of the sub-label’s trademarks; there is a twist albeit, as the bespoke producer added a slower pace to make it more effective.

A perfect example to this said scenario is when in the beginning, with the vocal coming in, there’s nothing apart from that element. The lyrics are brief but adorable, and if you are interested, FERGO explained about it in the description of the video.

“Left Behind” is a beautiful letter from FERGO to sentimental tracks, an one-time experience that draws homage to Porter’s recent discography. Even if it may come off as slightly emotional, the experience alone is well-worth it!

You can listen to “Left Behind” here;

HEXAGON · FERGO – Leave Behind