Ferry Corsten Unveils Old-School-Trance-Infused Single ‘Stay Awake’

One of the core representatives of Trance is getting ready for 2024, in an elegant fashion that is.

Well into December, the last month of the year, we’re all starting to get ready for the new year ahead. Some are finishing stuff, some are on a mental break to recharge batteries. And others, like living legend Ferry Corsten, are already anticipating what this next revolution of the Earth around the Sun will unveil.

This man needs no introduction, but we’ll do a little recap just to refresh your memory. Having graced the Electronic music industry for well over twenty years, Ferry Corsten is one of those artists whom you just have heard of, one way or another. The mind behind timeless classics like System F‘s ‘Out Of The Blue‘, Veracocha‘s ‘Carte Blanche‘, Gouryella‘s ‘Anahera‘, and so, SO many more tracks, Corsten has been a shaper of the sound of Trance all throughout.

Among the many aliases and personas Ferry has adopted in the past, Ferry Corsten, his primary alias as of today, has in itself an endless amount of material. Perhaps his most recognisable piece is the 1999 remix of William Orbit‘s ‘Barber’s Adagio For Strings‘, although other tracks like ‘Punk‘ have earned the status of “instantly identified” as well.

Nine albums deep into his career, Corsten is getting ready to unveil his tenth LP: Connect. This one brings something special to the table: it will send us back to the past, to the glorious days of Trance. How do we know? Because he’s been lifting the curtain on some of the songs that will be a part of it. Check out the latest of them all so far.

‘Stay Awake’

The fourth track to be revealed after ‘Connect‘ ‘Mind Trip‘, and ‘Yes Man‘, features the vocals of vocalist Diandra Faye, and pictures a catchy, album-worthy journey through melody, dynamism, and, of course, Trance. One of the compositions which don’t need an excessive amount of elements to shine, but rather, each instrument is thought and placed to have a precise role.

With a tasty round of vocals, an offbeat bass pluck, and a lovely lineup of early 00s sounds such as marching hats, highly-resonant leads, kick rolls for buildups, and the mighty saw lead so iconic to the genre, Ferry’s latest is sure to captivate you and bring you back in time.

Listen to Ferry Corsten‘s spectacular ‘Stay Awake‘ down below for your beloved Spotify play. And be sure to stick around, because you will hear more from Mr Corsten through our site. *wink wink*