FiNE x Lizwi – “The Light”

Emerging twin brother DJ duo and Progressive Afro House producers FiNE have teamed up with Lizwi to release their debut MoBlack single “The Light.”

“The Light” is an extraordinary fusion of Progressive Afro House and traditional African sounds. The combination of the unique musical backgrounds of the FiNE twins and Lizwi creates a sonic experience that is both captivating and deeply rooted in their shared heritage. 

Since moving to Los Angeles recently, FiNE have been taking the local scene by storm with recurring shows at La Mesa called FiNE Fridays, and additional sets at venues including Hotel Shangri-La, The Mondrian, Aya Lounge Beverly Hills, The Cooks Garden in Venice, Cafe Roma and more. They also played the prestigious livestream location EPHIMERA Tulum to deliver a top notch Progressive Afro House sunset mix, which can be watched HERE.

To celebrate the release, FiNE will be playing a show alongside Ardalan, Payam and Mansion with Definition Presents at the Mondrian in Los Angeles on August 5th. Tickets are available HERE.

FiNE is an artist project from twin brothers born in Johannesburg, and raised in Botswana. Given their upbringing, they describe their music and DJ sets as Progressive Afro House. With a life journey already covering South Africa, Botswana, Israel and Australia, they have deep connections to global audiences and it shows through their signature sound. It’s undeniable that the twins’ multicultural upbringing shapes their Afro-infused DJ sets and original productions.


Craig and Darren Fine, twin brothers, share an unbreakable lifelong bond like most siblings. However, their journey in life has been extraordinary and has shaped them into unique individuals and musical artists. The Fine brothers, pioneers of the Progressive Afro House genre, have developed their distinctive sound through a blend of diverse musical influences.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Craig and Darren relocated to Botswana during their early schooling years. As expatriates in Botswana, they embraced the local customs, culture, and music. The brothers displayed their musical talents at a very young age with Craig on drums, Darren on piano, and both playing instruments like steel pans and marimbas.

During their time in high school, Craig and Darren moved to Sydney, Australia, where they immersed themselves in the vibrant local electronic music scene. Their next adventure took them to Tel Aviv, where they balanced a day job while refining their fresh and eclectic sound in the city’s pulsating underground scene. They performed at numerous venues and festivals, including a prominent slot on the main stage at the Corona Sunsets Festival, garnering international support.

Following their overseas success, the Fine brothers returned to Australia, captivating audiences from coast to coast at the country’s hottest venues. Eventually, they settled in their current home of Los Angeles. With their unique sound, FiNE has made waves in the Melodic and Afro House charts, consistently achieving top 10 Beatport releases. Notable among their successes is a remix of Paul Okenfold and Aloe Blacc’s hit “I’m In Love” and their chart-topping debut EP “Forbidden Fruit” released on Australia’s esteemed label, Recovery Collective. In November 2022, they celebrated the release of their newest single “Cloud 9” on Recovery Collective. The original track captures the essence of FiNE’s Progressive Afro House style–melodic, driving, euphoric, and yet possessing a distinct edge. The single’s remix package features interpretations from renowned artists such as Kalil, Elliott Creed, and Jack Colletta. Most recently, FiNE collaborated with EPHIMERA Tulum, delivering a breathtaking live sunset mix.

Currently, FiNE is planning an end-of-year tour in South Africa, Australia, and Bali. With their unparalleled sound, exceptional discography, and wealth of musical and life experiences, FiNE possesses an undeniable “it factor” that will captivate fans and propel the Progressive Afro House movement to new heights.

Aug. 5 – Skybar @ Mondrian – 6pm sunset set!


Mimmo’s (the label’s founder) tenure as Traxsource Afro House A&R Manager from 2016-2018 spanned some of the most formative and progressive eras for Afro House, motivating its inclusion as an official Beatport genre in 2018. But it is MoBlack’s house, MoBlack Records, that built a home for talented producers, from established names to up and coming superstars. The Italian born and globally raised artist has given back to the community, scouring the world for fresh sounds and showcasing sheer and raw talent to the global arena. MoBlack carried the onus on his shoulders, to evolve and advance the Afro House sound, and he delivered, setting the bar higher as he pushed the genre further, cross-pollinating into other genres.