First Listen: FRENTS enters fashionable home circles with attractive new EP, ‘The Beginning’

The Beginning is FRENTS’ pledge: he’ll penetrate fashionable home circles sooner quite than later. The Parisian producer makes his auspicious introduction to the digital scene by the use of the two-track EP, which commences with “Together.” FRENTS lays down a shuffling rhythm on “Together,” that, from its sound to its constructive type, evokes signature home sound. Looping voiceovers add selection.

From “Together,” FRENTS segues into “Feel It” alongside CONFESSION label mate, HOODERS. “Feel It” comes with a coarser texture than the introductory quantity, due partially to its thumping beat and tinny crescendos. Despite their slight sonic variations, the constituent cuts every highlight FRENTS’ means to marry attractive preparations with dance worthy bass traces, and to not be uncared for, basic home aesthetics. What’s subsequent for FRENTS? Assuredly, that is solely ‘the start.’ The aptly titled EP is out now CONFESSION.

Photo credit score: FRENTS/Facebook