First Listen: Gene Farris rocks back onto Toolroom roster with ‘Nursery’ [Stream]

If you really live for house music, you’re already well-acquainted with Gene Farris. Always serving as a living link to the metronomic genre’s historical beginnings, Farris is an example of a four-on-the-floor jockey who honors his funk-ified Chicago roots with every track and every set. It doesn’t matter whether he’s topping the bill or kicking off the night, get ready to dance with Gene Farris on the decks.

What’s more—if you really live for house music, Toolroom needs no introduction. After nearly twenty years, co-founders Stewart and Mark Knight have built one of the most consistent and respected imprints in house and, frankly, all of electronic music. Over 1,000 releases bear the Toolroom sigil across the home label and sister label, Toolroom Trax. What’s more, every single one is capable of bringing one looking for flawless house rhythms to their knees.

Now, these two defining forces have come together once again for Gene Farris’s new single, entitled “Nursery.” The title and rhyming lyrics commend this well-aged combination of the artist and label’s fitting chemistry. So many house fans began their journey with Gene Farris and Toolroom that this pairing essentially serves as a nursery rhyme; providing listeners with a sense of familiar club-ready comfort wrapped in a fluffy blanket of bass-tinged beats.