Fisher exhibits acute ear for house production on 'Losing It'

FISHER is on fire.

A formidable follow up to previous FISHER fan favorites like “Stop It,” “Ya Didn’t,” and “Crowd Control,” “Losing It” is further evidence of the Dirtybird signee’s ever acute ear when it comes to crafting dance floor dominators.

“Losing It” treads familiar territory for FISHER in its use of a repeated vocal phrase–“I’m losing it”–as the song’s centerpiece. FISHER punctuates the spoken vocal with resounding, deep toned doses of bass, and looping bleeping sounds that institute the track’s rhythmic basis from “Losing It’s” very beginning.

Possessive of a grating tech house groove that feels distinctly FISHER in its construction, “Losing It” is sure to resonate with those in attendance at Dirtybird Campout West‘s 2018 iteration, where FISHER will appear alongside Walker & Royce, and Ardalan, among other Dirtybird label mates.

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Photo Credit: Katie Laskowska