Fleur Shore Debuts Her Masterclass with FaderPro

Producer and DJ supernova Fleur Shore announced the release of her first-ever video masterclass today in partnership with FaderPro. FaderPro is the leading destination for EDM music production video tutorials. This new course offers critical insight into Shore’s creative approach. She effortlessly guides the viewer through an advanced, full-track production process in an easy-to-follow manner. With her extensive background, you can expect plenty of professional, in-depth production techniques, covering workflow, sound selection, melody construction, and FX processing/mixing. Her timeless approach promises to spur inspiration for dance music producers of all stripes, regardless of age or stage. Check out the new course for yourself here!

“In this course, I take you through my production process from start to finish,” said Shore. “I’m going to show you how I take my love for 90s House Music and turn it into something fresh.” 

This extensive and immersive course covers a range of production topics, such as layering percussion, building grooves, arrangement tips and tricks, creative discipline, the value of templates, and the importance of sound selection. Shore also lets us in on a few of her most reliable and favored plugins, and how she puts them to use in her workflow, while demonstrating how she uses various Roland Cloud plugins, allowing her to emulate the era-defining sound of 90s house.

The course includes downloadable stems of the track Shore creates in the course and is available today for $39.99. A course bundle is also available and includes 50% off a year of Roland Cloud Ultimate Annual membership for just $49.99. 

About Fleur Shore

Fleur Shore has quickly blossomed from local hero to international trailblazer. Her undying passion for music culture shines through in everything she does, from the way she plays to the records she makes. Whether headlining in Brazil, touring the US, dropping heat on the world’s most desirable labels or getting props from her tastemaking peers, she is a breath of fresh air who plays by her own rules and remains true to her personality. With that in mind, she will soon open up a new creative avenue with her own record label and event series. They will serve as another means of personal expression for someone whose unrestricted fashion sense is matched only by her musical freedom.

About FaderPro

FaderPro is a virtual music education platform focused on the world of electronic dance music. Our unique approach puts students inside the studio next to leading artists and producers through high-definition video lessons designed to help seasoned veterans and aspiring beginners alike advance their skills and achieve their musical vision. Our mission is to give the rapidly growing breed of aspiring musicians and producers access to an engaging and interactive virtual in-studio learning experience where they can become intimately familiar with award-winning techniques in music production taught by the most relevant and successful artists in the world today.