Flux Pavilion Brings Out “I Believe” In Preparation for ‘.wav’ LP

Flux Pavilion emerges this week with a new single “I Believe,” featuring the vocal talents of Asha in preparation for his upcoming album, .wav, set to release in January of 2021. The song comes as a release via Flux Pavilion’s own Circus Records.

“I Believe” opens full send with Asha’s distinct and emotive vocals bearing all attention, backed by an angelic orchestra of complementing synths. Flux Pavilion masterfully builds anticipation with a barrage of staccatos before breaking out with the song’s climax marked by a pulsing bassline and flurry of heavenly synths, driving home the ethereal sound. As “I Believe” draws to a close, Asha’s echoing vocal chops dilate in listeners’ ears, leaving fans of Flux Pavilion in awe of his divine sound as his latest track is a spiritual experience in itself.

Flux Pavilion’s latest track brings about anticipation for the arrival of his upcoming full-length album, .wav, which he announced earlier this year. Bringing his bass touch while also serving a rainstorm of melody, Flux Pavilion undoubtedly succeeds in generating hype for .wav.

Meanwhile, check out the lyric video below on YouTube, or stream the single via this link. Pre-order Flux Pavilion’s .wav album out on January 21, 2021.