Franny J. & Matt Alvarez – Save You (ft. Christian Acamo)

• Quality mix of elegance and dynamism
• Heart-touching vocal and strings combination
• Solid drop section with an old-school vibe

Generic music brings out a brutal side of my opinions, and for the better. Yet, I am bringing a track contrary in the mentioned attribute. Finally, a Progressive House tune with a higher rating than usual; you can be sure that I have been impressed thoroughly. The genre has reached stagnancy as of late, thanks to predictable nature of certain artists practicing it and milking it for surviving in their safe zones. This brings even more aspiring names to copy their dull approach.

But Franny J. and Matt Alvarez have come to rescue with a delicate release on Outrage Recordings, comparable only to peak-time standards of 2014’s Stadiumx. The nostalgia hit me pleasantly during the production, with superb addition of vocals from upcoming songstress Christian Acamo, as a lovely atmosphere much-needed a passionate voice to empower it further.

The base so built upon shines of elegance, with heartwarming strings playing softly in the background. Take a second here, appreciate the stunning job done: Being a fan of orchestral elements, the subtle and graceful strategy used doesn’t emphasize them, but rather guides the listener towards their exploration. Their presence, despite being in the backdrop, remains massive overall.

Accompanied by the vocal towards a bassline of explosive proportions, it strikes the listeners with just the mix of dynamism and harmony. Complex pattern, yet arresting and rhythmic for a great experience.

“Save You” emanates of the earlier Stadiumx that ceased to exist some years ago, and that is fine: many fans of this particular sphere are craving for this sound. I truly respect the work done by the trio, unexpected if being honest (the producers usually focus on Big Room and Trance), but certainly a fruitful team-up. If you are a fan of what is described here, get ready for a wave of those good feelings again!

You can listen to “Save You” here:

Franny J. · Franny J. & Matt Alvarez – Save You (ft. Christian Acamo)