Fred Again.. And Obongjayar Share Sweet Summer Anthem ‘Adore U’

Fred Again.. teamed up with Nigerian singer, Obongjayar, for a sweet summer anthem titled ‘Adore U‘. The tune is luminescent, hypnotic, and filled with his instrumentals. Obongjayar adds his soft vocals for a touching ballad that repeats “I adore you, And I pray, pray you never lose yourself, I’m so proud of everything that you are”. Plus, this track is a dedication to Fred’s sister, which is just wholesome. Fred Again.. is definitely continuing his rise to the top. From an underground EDM DJ to a sensation that everyone wants to see.

“Basically, the song that I made, I made it—in my mind—for my little sister. And then when I spoke to Obongjayar about the record, I found out that by beautiful serendipity, he’d made his record for his little brother.”

Fred Again.. to

Immediately from the start, the delicate marimbas play and Obongjayar starts singing the samples from his track ‘I Wish It Was Me’. The percussion bounce to the rhythm of the beat. The soundscape is summer, sunny, and bubbly. A great uplifting tune to drive down the coastline to. Or run along the beach to. It’s quite catchy, that you’ll find yourselves bobbing along to it. We really do enjoy the life lessons that Fred teaches us.

“You come out of this two-year situation, and you’re straight into it. You feel like you have to use up all the opportunities you have to do the thing. You’re doing everything: you’re working, you’re trying to fit everything in. That’s good in little spurts, but you can’t do it over extended periods of time, because it can get tiring. You can lose sight of what it is that you’re doing. You don’t want to lose sight of what you’re doing.”


We’ve seen him break out with Boiler Room, and he played Coachella’s mainstage alongside Skrillex and Four Tet for an epic moment in music history. Additionally, he’s sold out eight shows with them at LA’s Shrine Expo Hall. His ability to move emotion with his music is something his fans live for when they see him. You can’t help but smile and light up when you listen to his music. It’s unique and his masterful transitions leave everyone feeling touched. There is a unanimous consensus across the globe that his music is personal, magical, pure art, and life-changing.

Listen to ‘Adore U’ below for a magical summer treat.

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