FRIGID Releases Hot Urban EP Banger, ‘Memories Like Daggers’

Frigid releases a fresh new EP and kick starts his new year filled with new collaborations, music, live performances and projects. The talented and uncompromising artist brings ‘Memories Like Daggers’ to life, after releasing the title track as a sneak peek into his sound earlier this year, he now introduces a 3 track EP for everyone to enjoy.

The artist explores urban sounds and creates this new palette of elements that conjugate perfectly on the EP. It opens up with ‘Flashback (Intro)’ a short dark and eerie track that conjugates industrial and enigmatic sounds to kickstart the journey. The title track, ‘Memories Like Daggers’ surely grabbed the attention of a long list of listeners, with a dark beat influenced by trap and dubstep, a splash of smaller percussive elements like bells and chimes that create a nostalgic and mysterious feeling, the song evolves while with filtered and processed synths, bass and layers of acid textures maintain the vibe. 

Then the EP moves to ‘Tell Me I’m Dreaming’, with another heavy and energetic dubstep beat, this track relies on a dark vigorous bass that plays with the kick and lower end sounds. Processed chopped vocals and enveloped synths go back and forth guiding the experience.

Finally, the last track on the album is ‘The Apparition’. A wobbly bass, dark dubstep beat and growling synths support a heavy darker vibe, while processed vocal elements and crisp smaller pads and synths bring some light to the darkness. This track gives the listener a ticket to a journey within.

Dubstep lovers and lovers of a more urban sound will find in ‘Memories Like Daggers’ an interesting yet introspective experience. As Frigid claims his space as an ever-exploring artist, be sure not to miss his latest music, projects and live performances, as well as future collaborations with talented artists, because he’ll surely not disappoint.

‘Memories Like Daggers’ is out now and available in online stores and major streaming platforms.


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