From Phoenix Streets to Globe-Trotting: How CHKLZ’s i….


As CHKLZ catapults towards an unprecedented wave of shows in 2024, they invite both fans and newcomers to revel in the ‘Pawesomeness’ that defines their journey. If you’ve yet to discover them, now’s the time. The community of ‘Doggies’—where being a fan goes beyond mere support, embracing a profound sense of unity—welcomes everyone to the party. CHKLZ’s upbeat and fun-loving nature is evident not only in their personalities but also in their music and live performances. Dive into their story and be transported to a world where grooves, joy, and community merge into something extraordinary.

CHKLZ, celebrated as the Best Dance Artist 2023 by the Phoenix New Times, traces its origins to a remarkable encounter that shaped their ethos and sound. The duo drew inspiration from a small, white dog named Charlie, found on a sweltering Fourth of July under a truck in downtown Phoenix. Rescued from adversity, Charlie, affectionately nicknamed “Chuckles,” became their muse and symbol for their mission: creating a music community where everyone belongs, regardless of their background.

CHKLZ has rapidly risen, performing across the USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and Costa Rica. A pivotal career moment came with their performance at Friendzy Fest 2023 in Alberta, Canada. Initially set for an early slot, a fortunate reschedule placed them in a prime nighttime performance, catapulting them into the spotlight and boosting festival, out-of-state, and headliner bookings. This success amplified their international presence, allowing their dynamic live shows to reach an even broader audience.

The story of CHKLZ is one of inspiration and inclusion. As they continue to tour and produce, the spirit of Chuckles unites audiences globally under the Groove Fiesta banner. Their journey and sound remind us of music’s transformative power and the connections it fosters.