Fucales – ‘Deep Under’

A superb lo-fi psychedelic tapestry from the rising Norwegian outfit

Nordic indie four-piece Fucales might be the best new thing you haven’t heard yet. They’ve just dropped their new EP Deep Under, an epic piece of indie rock that’s truly unique in its wide blend of influences. There’s brass and woodwind elements throughout, with a rich “world music” twang, as well as plenty of raucous, visceral alternative rock layers on “Black Midi” (perhaps a nod to the UK-based alt-rock posterboys of the scene). It’s a project that leaves the listener guessing throughout, and it ebbs and flows between the masochist and the melancholy with ease. 

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The voyage sets off with “Introludium,” a serene piece of shoegaze that’s rich with horn sections and reverb-drenched guitar licks. This vibe persists on tracks like “Verona,” which is possibly the most accessible of the EP tracks. Along with an irresistible groove, the band brilliantly uses brass instruments in the absence of vocals. And with “Black Midi,” Fucales conjure an unrelenting, belligerent alt-rock monster. Meanwhile, on “Mirror” and “Snake,” the band concludes the record exquisitely with a hazy, dreamy lo-fi indie one-two punch.

Deep Under is a perfect project for fans of Temples, Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra – full of nuance, variety and unique creative flair. You can listen to it in full below.