Future Bass pioneer Mazde drops album with contrasting tones of beauty in pop

The highly anticipated self-titled debut album from Mazde is here and the music is an exciting and emotional journey into his soul.

Across the ten tracks, Mazde explores the obstacles in relationships, love and anguish. It’s an album that will please both old and new fans as it blends his identity as a future bass pioneer with the contrasting tones of beauty and earnestness in pop music.

In the spirit of Mazde’s collaborative nature, the album sees some familiar faces with Rromarin, Hugo and most famously LissA rejoining him for new music. It also sees Aussie indie-pop icon Lisa Mitchell and Berlin-based rapper Young Naughty Soul make their first appearances.

With the album launch comes the single Hold My Breath that he produced with long time collaborator LissA. It’s a song that’s passionate in nature, exploring those moments the heart is bursting with love for someone. It’s the inner dialogue between the head and the heart in deciding if it’s right to admit those feelings and desires.

The album is undoubtedly filled with Mazde’s knack for ear-worm moments that will glue to your mind.

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