G-Sus & ZNZBR – Desire (Want Me 2)

G-Sus & ZNZBR - Desire (Want Me 2)

82%Overall Score

• Experimental hybrid of styles
• Future Rave with ZNZBR‘s twist
• Even more suitable for Intensity’s sound!

A while back, we praised ZNZBR‘s hard-hitting House sound, which seamlessly blends Tech House influences with a Festival mentality that perfectly aligns with Intensity Recording’s style. “Anywhere” was great, but I couldn’t help but feel that it lacked that Big Room touch I was hoping for. But fear not! We have G-Sus, a seasoned veteran on Intensity, ready to “fix” things!

G-Sus is having an incredible year, with tracks like “Concorde” feat. Buiatti (which was truly appreciated) and “Thunderdome” with Jaxx & Vega on W&W’s Rave Culture. However, in “Desire (Want Me 2)”, I discovered a unique side of his Big Room style. The collaboration between these two artists is seamless, and I struggle to categorize their joint effort. The label of Future Rave doesn’t quite capture the vibrant bassline, the catchy melody loop, and the old-school touch in the synths.

ZNZBR certainly brings his own peculiar elements to the table. The breakdown features an elegant vocal and a crescendo of chords, brutally interrupted by the groovy sequence we experienced in “Anywhere”. It’s at this point where G-Sus introduces a Progressive House/Future Rave structure, resulting in a creatively explosive track. The finale is an absolute bomb, and I had to listen to it multiple times to fully grasp its complex structure.

I see an evolution in ZNZBR’s sound, and I’m thrilled that G-Sus has further enriched a style that holds immense potential. “Desire (Want Me 2)” combines elegant elements with a hybrid drop full of intriguing details, and I highly recommend giving it a try.

You can listen to “Desire” here:

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