Gammer & Darren Styles – DYSYLM

• Danceable, catchy melody
• Arresting vocals
• Perfect synergy between the two artists

Gammer and Darren Styles are artists from two different ends of the electronic music spectrum, but the unique style they made bridged the harder styles and bass genres. Every time they have joined forces, an enjoyable tune is thus created, which makes us sincerely hope that their particular fortune doesn’t runs out for coming years. “DYSYLM” utilizes the famous vocals made by Voicians and used by many artists such as the likes of Maurice West and Sunstars. There are some good rivals, but, for me, this is probably the best tune that utilized the sample.

While, as said, I’m in love with the vocal, also the Hardstyle vibes are a source of constant pleasure! We are welcomed by a minimalistic version of the melody playing along with the voices, before the tune explodes with a perfect surge of energy, suited for training if you are in dire search of motivation! It is a difficult challenge (maybe impossible) to disregard dancing with this drop, as it contents includes gorgeous and vigorous kicks that fits unexpectedly well!

I expected this huge composition to be anticipated from Gammer and Darren, since their styles are similar (with some peculiarities). Sometimes they have repetitive segments with the same structure applied over and over again… But the chemistry they have made has led to some iconic creations undoubtedly. “DYSYLM” is probably their best efforts in recent years, and a hidden jackpot we’ve waiting for, thanks to its happy atmosphere and hypnotizing schematics. “Pure Madness” is the perfect adjective for this work.

You can listen to “DYSYLM” here:

Monstercat · Gammer & Darren Styles – DYSYLM