Gammer ft. Linney – Underneath

Gammer ft. Linney - Underneath

80%Overall Score

• Unexpectedly melodic
• Similarity to Blasterjaxx’s recent sound
• A nod to Dubstep roots with a Hardstyle touch

Here’s the thing: I wasn’t anticipating such a melodic anthem from Gammer, as the British moniker is mainly known for his twisted, fierce dubstep hits.

His latest EP, “Better Together“, traverses the style from this versatile creator with a composition of classic ideas and experiments, not shying away from an underground theme. Bangers such as “Superhorn” and “Stampede” (featuring Fatman Scoop) have enriched an already impressive catalog, but among all the remarkable tracks there’s a standout, titled “Underneath“.

Equipped with superlative singing from Linney, Gammer weaves together a song that shares a resemblance to Blasterjaxx’s latest Big Room endeavors, although with a substantial amount of vigor since we have Hardstyle/Dubstep roots.

The breakdown brims with vibrancy, with the vocal providing its loyal and heartfelt companionship. This part is commendable, as the percussions stack and build up to unsafe levels! A majestic drop kicks in, inaugurating an engaging sequence with hints of Hardstyle in its lead synths.

If you are a Blasterjaxx fan such as me, “Underneath” will be a familiar sound yet with an appreciable quality attached. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dutch duo formulating a collaboration already, considering the synergies. And not to forget, Gammer’s EP deserves a listen in its entirety for its details.

You can listen to “Underneath” here:

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