Gammer releases commanding new single 'Needed U' – Dancing Astronaut

Gammer immediately grasps the listener’s attention in his newest single, “Needed U,” with an ominous intro weaving dark undertones in and out of echoing chants of “needed you.” A commanding chord progression segues into an intense dubstep drop with piercing synths and a strong bassline.

Gammer took to Twitter to explain his naming convention for the song, citing he has always needed his fans. “I’ve always NEEDED U. U the fans and the supporters. U the ones who spend hard working dollars on music, shows and merch. U the ones I do this for. I’ve always NEEDED U.”

The British producer recently released the first official remix package for his hit track, “The Drop,” which has become a worldwide main stage fixture. This newest release will only continue to grow his swiftly increasing fan base, and it’s out now Monstercat.