Gary Richards, Founder Of Holy Ship, Announces New Cruise Festival: The Friendship

One the most insane story lines that came from the dance music community in the last quarter 2017 was Gary Richards leaving HARD Events after his contract with LiveNation expired. This development ousted the man who built not only several HARD festivals but also Holy Ship.

Richards did not let the minor hiccup slow his pace as he quickly took on the position President at LiveStyle, the phoenix which rose from the ashes SFX. Richards saw Electric Zoo go f with a bang, and then he started to set his sights on something bigger. If LiveNation was going to take Holy Ship from him, then he will start something even better. Enter Friendship. As now we only have dates, the end this year starting December 11th and going until the 15th.

Check out the announcement below and visit the site to sign up for their mailing list.