Get toasty to KRISCHVN’s mind-boggling new EP ‘Baked’ – Dancing Astronaut

Have you ever had an idea so vast you simply can’t condense it into one life form? Each revision affording the monster an additional head? Well, that’s exactly what rising producer/Wakaan warrior KRISCHVN did with his latest 4-track EP, Baked.

Baked, featuring tracks “Baked,” “Second Baked,” “Over Baked,” and “Stop Getting Baked,” is essentially four unique takes on a solitary idea: a single song chopped up into four parts, comprised of four drops each. A coveted ID present in many big-name bass DJs’ sets throughout the past year, Baked fully encompasses the innovative signature sound fans of KRISCHVN have come to know and love. Featuring tantalizing high-ends and powerful drums, each slice of the original creation offers something special, which fans of bass music are sure to enjoy—hot out of KRISCHVN’s kitchen of beats. Stream Baked below.