Giolì & Assia Drop Magical New Single ‘Young Forever’

Captivating the hearts and ears of legions of fans around the world with their spine tingling melodies and epic live shows, multi-instrumentalists, singer-songwriters, producers, live performers, DJs and Label owners Giolì & Assia have carved a name for themselves as one of the most compelling acts in the electronic music space. Now they are back with their captivating single, ‘Young Forever,‘ released on their own Diesis Records.

The song starts as a dramatic ballad with violins and church bells, but it takes a thrilling turn into a powerful and liberating drop. ‘Young Forever’ blends slow and dramatic moments with energetic electronic vibes, creating a musical picture of life’s fleeting nature. The lyrics explore the uncertainty of the future and the human desire to understand destiny, touching on themes of superstition and religion. According to Giolì & Assia, love is the only weapon against the unknown, offering a timeless elixir that keeps us forever young.

Here’s what they had to say about the track:

“Blending new sounds, influences from different genres and unique musical instruments, we produced ‘Young Forever’ in our home studio during our summer break, and we couldn’t be happier to finally release it and share it with all of you! The song is deeply meaningful to us, and serves as the beginning of the next era of Gioli & Assia, that we call our RESURRECTION, bringing us back to our independent roots. We couldn’t imagine a better first track to kick off this new chapter of our careers – it’s the perfect opening to the larger body of music we’ll be releasing in the coming months, that will culminate in a world tour starting in the fall of 2024!”