Golden Grooves: Q&A with Gold Leader

Funk reigns supreme on Colorado band’s latest groovy release

Colorado funk reigns supreme in this epic age of American life. Gold Leader are leading this powerful frontier with a strength that prevails beyond just music. As hope blossoms anew, these musicians are providing the musical backdrop that connects with an ideal American soundtrack. Their latest release, “Creeper”, fits the bill nicely and beckons listeners to fall into the rabbit hole of their work. After all, listeners far and wide will be seeking music to dance to from dawn to dusk in celebratory aplomb.

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“Creeper” slides in with a groovy bass riff that holds the listener’s attention. Horns solidify their addictive magic while the energy prevails. Funky swirls of various grooves keep the track in interesting waters. Dancing cannot be ignored during this song nor should it be discouraged. Listeners will delve into their arrangements with a lasting enjoyment. Exploration of their jazz influenced improvisation will be broken down and restructured for further analysis by true fans. These musicians are eager to please and succeed in doing so among many levels of their genre blending. Gold Leader are here to stay and will remain as future pinnacles within the space for all to enjoy. 

Gold Leader’s Zach Jackson gave an in-depth description of their songwriting process and their ambitions going forward. You can also give “Creeper” a spin below.

How are you all able to churn out gems like “Creeper” with successful ease?

It’s all in the team. This band really knows how to use their ears and play with each other, which ultimately leads to building great tunes. Gold Leader is a six piece; Will Trask on drums, Thomas Jennings on guitar, Eric Luba on keys/organ, Alex Cazet on tenor sax, Carrie McCune on trumpet and me (Zach Jackson) on bass. We have all played together in different bands and projects for years, so it is easy to translate ideas to each other. We let the magic happen organically!

Is there a process that works best for you as a band to create?

The tunes form in many ways. It usually starts with a riff, a chord progression, a fully thought out idea or whatever someone brings to the table and then it gets molded into something coherent for the band. Then rhythms and grooves are established, the horns do their thing, maybe we add some hits or breaks, a great lick in the bridge, a form solo, and an outro (our favorite). Everyone has amazing ideas that we shop around until something sticks and then a song is born. 

What keeps the flow going in the midst of the chaos?

It sure is weird out there isn’t it? Creativity and inspiration these days, for me at least, come in waves, and when that wave is on, you ride as far as it goes. It is easy to get stuck, but it is just as easy to get out of a rut if you let yourself get out. Personally, I have been doing daily meditations to keep my center. Cooking delicious food always helps too and keeping active. 

Funk thrives in your sound, but other genres seem to find their way in at times, do you enjoy that spontaneity?

We do love bending genres into the funk sound. There are so many avenues of musical inspiration within each member of the band, it really shows in each individual part and idea when we are piecing an arrangement together. The spontaneity in the creation of music is what we live for, sometimes things just happen and you go with it. Just wait until you hear the unreleased stuff!

How has 2020 been in your worlds? Do you have any aspirations for 2021?

2020 has been quite the roller coaster. Despite the carpet being pulled out from under the music industry, we are all getting by the best that we can. We are making music when we can, still laughing and smiling, supporting ourselves and communities in the best ways [possible]. It’s been weird, but we are staying positive. We are all in this together! In 2021, we will be releasing new music, recording, playing shows and hopefully grooving with you at some of our favorite venues around Colorado.