Google Will Soon Launch Rebranded Bard AI on Android

The popular Google Assistant will soon relaunch itself into the company’s AI chatbot, Bard AI, on Android. When starting up Google Assistant, users can usually start with a simple, “Hey Google”. However, with the upcoming launch of this chatbot, Google plans to use implement new changes to the user interface during the initial set-up according to an article from an article from TechRadar. The same article also included a screenshot that shows how the introduction will start out for users when they open up the latest version (15.2) of Google’s APK.

Google Assistant becomes more personable with Bard AI

Bard AI is becoming more personable with a message that says “Hi! I’m Bard”. 9to5Google even stated that the new personable message will also appear on other devices that have Google Assistant functionality already inputted in them. The configuration settings on Bard AI will be “Bard Settings” instead of “Assistant with Bard Settings”. The launching of the chatboot seems like Google is making the feature stand out from Google Assistant. Furthermore, this launching will enhance voice assistance technology to a higher level than it was before, especially when Apple first launched Siri.

Google Assistant Bard AI
Image Courtesy: Google