Griffter rings in the weekend with gritty bass track “All Out” ft. Jones 2.0

 Griffter makes his presence known with his first track of 2022, titled “All Out.”  “All Out” follows Griffter's 2021 single, “I Go Like This” and features UK vocalist Jones 2.0. The gritty bass track will get you from the start with the funky hard hitting beats and addicting vocals. To accompany his newest single, Griffter has released 15 limited edition NFTs that will allow buyers to purchase exclusive artist merch. Griffter who's real name is Jeff Luong is not only making waves in the EDM community but also in the web 3 space, performing frequently in virtual worlds like Decentraland. To check out and purchase his latest NFT project, visit OpenSea.

Inspired by last year’s quarantine and losing one’s sense of freedom and inability to break loose, “All Out” was born. “All Out” is a gritty hard hitting bass house tune with funky distorted synths and carefree lyrics that emphasizes the need to party hard and leave our worries at the door; a sentiment many can relate to during these past few years. Jones 2.0 brings the energy as he belts out the lyrics , “Friday we go all out, spend it all I might ball out…so tonight we go all out.” Turn up the volume and go “All Out!”

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