GRiZ Announces Indefinite Hiatus

“Bass and sax and good vibes rainbow boy” Grant Kwiecinski, known by his stage name GRIZ, just announced yesterday that he will be taking an indefinite hiatus after a few more shows this summer. In his posts to social media, he told fans that he was going to follow his gut and take a break for the first time in 10+ years. His signature events GRiZmas, Space Camp and NYE will all be put on indefinite hold. GRiZ will announce his last headlining show, later this week.

One of the defining features of Griz’s music is their ability to create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere during live performances. He often incorporates saxophone solos into their sets, adding a dynamic and engaging element to their shows. Griz’s stage presence and infectious energy have earned them a dedicated fanbase, and their live performances are highly regarded for their high-octane energy and crowd interaction. GRiZ is also one of few out and proud LGBTQ DJs and Producers on the big stage. He will be missed in the community for sure, but we are glad that he is taking time for himself and we will eagerly await his return, whenever that may be.