GRiZ releases another spoken word poem, 'No Signal'

GRiZ breaks his silence with another spoken word poem called “No Signal.” With a cryptic photo post that read “incoming transition,” fans were left on the edge of their seats, having wondered if the plight of GRiZ was at an end after his first spoken word poem, “til next time… take care.”

Grant Kwiecinski is now back with another commentary on the toxicity of social media today, surrendering a bit more context as to why he wiped his socials clean and has been quiet for six months. Even during the last two days, he’s been clearing out his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Is GRiZ getting ready to drop an album soon? His cultish fan base is certainly on the edge of their seats, and this spoken word content is an alletion from the silence.

Kwiecinski describes his reality versus life on the computer by toting, “I could hang out with you without even needing to say hello. The one person who truly knows me best is my browser history, but I quickly delete that because I’m embarrassed about its honesty.”

GRiZ is known for throwing down amazing productions and live performances, and this form of content rounds out his versatile artistry. Curiously awaiting to see what’s next.

Photo Credit: @jsiegelphotography/Instagram