Gryffin – Nobody Compares To You ft. Katie Pearlman (Ryan Browne Remix)

The ficial remix for pack for Gryffin’s “Nobody Compares To You” came out today, but we’re too stuck on Ryan Browne’s DnB remix to even look at the others for the moment.

Whereas the original is a pretty effusive future bass ballad, Browne’s interpretation is a high-octane drum and bass ride with plenty angst to go around. Browne is someone who also regularly performs drum covers popular songs, in addition to producing, so we can safely assume that the new drums in the remix are all his own original creations – the guitar too, more than likely.

Katie Pearlman’s vocals sound right at home in this newly-imagined drum and bass roller, as if this is where she was meant to be all along. And Browne’s production absolutely inspires visions hundreds ravers rushing to the stage to dance without a care in the world.

Check it out!

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