Hardwell & Maurice West Breathe New Life Into "Everytime We Touch"

Cascada's “Everytime We Touch” could easily be the most popular EDM track of the early 2000's. The track graced almost every radio station across the world with one of the most recognizable hooks in the music industry. Now, after many months of hearing this MASSIVE remix in sets, we have finally been given Hardwell & Maurice West's “Everytime We Touch” remix.

This remix is absolutely outstanding in my opinion. Growing up in the 90's, I've heard a lot of my favorite 90's tracks given very underwhelming remixes and reworks, especially over the past year or so.  Hardwell & Maurice West leave this tracks vocals completely untouched, which is the most important part of this song. The drop, however, got a MASSIVE overhaul with a powerful big room build up and drop that is festival ready right out of the box.

Listen to this massive remix below and make sure to get this in your playlists NOW!